There will be times when you have to go outside the bank  - in search of working capital...................
We can help reduce some of that stress that comes with searching for a working capital solution........

  • To make your weekly payroll.
  • To cover expenses on a current project.
  • To buy needed materials for a new project.
  • To tackle cost of an aggressive marketing campaign.
  • To make on time vendor payments.
  • To obtain access to working capital with limited assets.
  • To solve the crippling effects of slow paying customers.
  • To provide needed funding when your local bank has denied your request for a loan and/or line of credit. 

Business funding and cash flow are two critical components for all small business owners. If cash flow slows, the amount of working capital that is needed to operate your business will suffer. Turning to your bank may not be an option at this current moment because of certain risks involved that they are not completely comfortable with.
Fortunately there are options. One of those options is called factoring (accounts receivable funding).
Factoring is a business funding method in which a small business sells accounts receivables at a discount to a third-party funding source to raise needed working capital.
Factoring is a great financial tool because it reduces the time frame on when you are paid for product/services you provide to your customers. Instead of waiting 30, 45 or 60 days for payment on an invoice, you can use factoring to reduce this payment cycle into days. 
Blue Capital Funding, LLC specializes in working with small service based firms that need a "right now" funding solution. 
If you would like to learn more about factoring (accounts receivable funding) call us at 1-888-906-2646 or locally at 1-704-479-6986.